BIM (Building Information Modelling)

We chose Tekla as a partner because they have been at the forefront of Building Information Modelling (BIM) development and a leading advocate since their inception. T. Shanks Engineering Ltd utilises the latest version of Tekla BIM software to carry out all detailing work and we can offer rich BIM models with all the desired attributes that meet all the required BIM standards. 

BIM Overview

Building Information Modelling is now universally accepted as a tool that can provide the answer to the most challenging questions, for example, how can we improve waste reduction, value creation and productivity across the construction sector. By using BIM we can move away from the more conventional way of using 2D-CAD and word processing packages by making the 3D CAD model the primary tool for documentation. In essence, BIM involves building a digital prototype and simulating it in a digital world.

Tekla also provides a free BIM software viewer, Tekla BIMsight, that allows all project collaborators to combine their models, check for clashes and share their information using the same easy to use BIM environment. Tekla BIMsight enables the project participants to identify and solve issues already in the design phase before construction.