Pressure Relief Valve Service Details

We offer a full maintenance and service of pressure relief valves. Our service package includes:

  • Pre-pop and recording of cold set pressure of the valve.
  • Initial recording of state of valve; i.e. leaking at zero, holding pressure etc.
  • Recording of guide ring position and blowdown ring position.
  • Recording of spring compression adjustment screw.
  • Strip down, inspection and recording of valve condition; i.e. state of spring, bellows, guide ring, blowdown ring, gaskets, locking nuts, nozzle and valve seat.
  • Full clean of valve components.
  • Re-lapping of valve nozzle and valve seat.
  • Rebuild valve  and retest and set cold set pressure.
  • Perform valve bubble test to API 527 seat tightness of Pressure Relief Valves and record result.
  • Perform valve shell/body pressure test.
  • Clean all gasket faces.
  • Repaint valve.
  • Tag valve.
  • Finalise test certificate.