Site Pressure Testing

The Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 cover the save design and use of pressure systems. T. Shanks Engineering Ltd assist companies in their requirement to run their businesses to the approved code of practice. We have assisted our customers to meet their obligations by:

  • Providing trained mechanical technicians to assist with the strip down of vessels in preparation for the vessels statutory inspection.
  • Supplying and setting up high pressure hoses, calibrated gauges and nitrogen packs, cordoning off test area and taking the vessel up to the required test pressure and holding for the required time until the third party certification body is satisfied that the vessel pressure test has passed.
  • Reinstatement of vessels by our trained mechanical technicians, replacing gaskets and bolts upon requirement and torqueing flanges to the required setting and tagging the flange in line with the site’s flange management policy.

In addition to the above we also have a testing facility at our own premises to test pressure relief valves to api 527 including:

  • Pre-pop and initial recording of the valve’s cold set pressure.
  • Strip down and inspection of all internal parts; bellows, guides, blowdown rings, nozzle, disc, gaskets and springs.
  • Valves nozzles and disc lapped and polished.
  • Rebuilding of valve and testing of valve (bubble test if required).
  • Repaint, tagging and certification of valve.

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