Rotating Equipment

T.Shanks Engineering Ltd field engineers and technicians have excellent experience in the service and maintenance of rotating equipment. They have worked in some of the United Kingdom’s most dangerous top tier COMAH sites dealing with rotating machinery that works in extremely challenging process conditions.

We are a highly competitive company with trained technicians competent and trained:

  • Pruftechnik Laser Alignment.
  • Condition Monitoring of Rotating Equipment.

Work undertaken includes:

  • Replacement of mechanical seals.
  • Replacement of faulty bearings.
  • Replacement of impellers.
  • Replacement of pump shafts.
  • Replacement of faulty gaskets.

We also have a lot of experience in the service of reciprocating compressors including:

  • Replacement of rider and piston rings.
  • Checking and recording of machine stand out values.
  • Valve replacement and maintenance.
  • Stuffing box packing ring replacements
  • Oil wiper replacements.